Cake Poker Bonus Code new players will receive a match bonus of 100% up to $500 on their 1st real money deposit at Cake Poker. To receive the maximum bonus, make sure that you enter our Cake Poker Sign Up Bonus Code "5380" during registration. For detailed instructions, please follow the steps outlined below.

Cake Poker Bonus Code

1. Download Cake Poker & install the gaming client

2. Open the software & create a new player account

3. Enter Cake Poker Sign Up Code "5380"

4. Now you can start playing & earning your bonus

Cake Poker Bonus Requirements

Now that you have received your free bonus at, it's time to start playing online poker and earning poker points so you can convert your bonus into real money. Cake Poker points are awarded to players in both ring games and tournaments at a rate of up to 3 points per raked hand or 7 points pre $1 paid in tournament entry fees. As you continue to earn points, your bonus will begin being converted to cash and each point has a monetary value of $0.06 towards your bonus. If you opt for the maximum $500 deposit bonus at Cake Poker, you will need to earn a total of 8333 poker points to convert the full bonus amount to your real money player account.

Cake Poker Bonus Sign Up

Cake Poker Rewards Program

Cake Poker players will also be automatically entered into the Cake Poker Rewards Program that combines a ton of features to make one of the best reward experiences online. The two main features of the program include what are known as Gold Cards as well as a daily lottery whereby players can win free cash in their poker accounts. As you participate in real money ring games, Gold Cards are awarded to one player at the table depending on the size of the pot. There are a total of 52 Gold Cards (like a standard deck of cards) that can be earned and each one allows players to trade them in for a number of different prizes from freerolls to the daily cash lottery. If a player is lucky enough to collect all 52 cards while playing, they will win the $52,000 Gold Card Jackpot which is given to the first player to accumulate all cards during a Gold Card Series.